Jesus, Ministry, Money & Me:

A 4-Hour, Deep-Dive Intensive with Marnie


Every Hour will have a 30-minute training, 15 minutes for independent prayer and fieldwork, and a 15-minute Q&A/Insight Share at the end.

Noon - 1 PM ET - Session 1. Your Money Mindset Matters

- Are you under the pain, strain, and limitations of feeling like there’s not enough money?
- Do you understand how to address existing debt or financial needs from a Godly perspective?
- Where you are worrying, hoarding, scrimping, or hiding money to self-protect?
- Are you ready to eliminate any fear, guilt, shame, pressure or confusion surrounding your finances?
- Discover how to start saying YES to God, including advancing based on faith as it relates to finances.
- Step into the bigger calling God has on your life and ministry.
- Stop feeling cheated, taken advantage of, or underpaid as you align your mind with God.
- Start being God’s flow-through vessel for funds. Learn where you may be giving out of a “God-complex” and exchange that for freely giving as God leads.

1 - 2 PM ET - Session 2. Pathway to Peace, Provision and Power

During this session, you'll discover the purpose of $s from God’s perspective. How God uses money issues to:

Grow our dependence.
- Test our loyalties, priorities, selfishness, etc.
- Provide limitations, direction, and boundaries.
- As a gift with more given when previous is managed well.

Embrace the truth that God gives money to Christians who are committed to accomplishing HIS purposes on earth and in our individual lives. He does this in His own way, allowing Jesus' ministry years to not include a home, money for taxes (except from a fish's mouth, etc.)

2-3 PM ET - Session 3. God-Given Opportunities to Worship Through Our Finances

If you're going to honor God with your money, now's the time. There is no indication or mention in the Bible that we should expect money in heaven. It's now or never. During this session, we'll address the money concepts of:

- Borrowing.
- Receiving.
- Enjoying.
- Tithing.
- Sharing & Giving Generously.
- Investing.

Come expecting to have your perspective transformed and aligned with the glorious abundance, grace, and favor of our loving Father.

3-4 PM ET - Session 4. Faith-Building Strategies to Get You Going

This session is going to get you moving fast-forward toward God-ordained, financial faithfulness.

Your money concerns, issues, lie-based presumptions, and limitations are not from God. As you step into the Truth He has for you, it may take a bit to wrap your head around His extravagance, mercy, grace and love.

The key is to accept, embrace and properly handle the money God has assigned to your account along with the reality is that God has funds for YOU to use for HIS purposes.

We'll look at Bible saints who model the best money behaviors, from the poor to the rich and in between.

You'll leave this session with a first-draft money-mindset plan in hand, and with fieldwork to carry you forward.

We'll come together again on October 26th to share God stories and I'll do live Q&A at that time.

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